Advance Ship Notice (ASN)

Canpar Courier will help save you time by getting the shipment to your customer on the first attempt even when a signature is required. By providing an email address in the selected field of your CanShip shipping system or web application, Canpar Courier will send an ASN to the consignee notifying them of the upcoming delivery. If they will not be available at the time of delivery, there is a simple option to print and sign a notice for the driver to leave the package in a safe place. With advance notice, your package will be delivered the first time – hassle-free.

Delivery Notice Sample

Did you receive a delivery attempt notice?

Enter the delivery notice number (it will start with “W” and is located on the top of your notice) into the tracking field at It will provide you with the current status of your package and pickup location. If you require further explanation or assistance, you may contact our customer service at 1-800-387-9335 or email us at

For a full list of FAQ’s about your Delivery Attempt Notice, visit our FAQ page.